The Aprilia RS 457: Italian Precision on Indian Roads


The Future of Riding: Discover the Aprilia RS 457 Thrill

Get ready for a biking sensation on Indian roads – the Aprilia RS 457 is here, bringing a taste of Italian excellence to our streets. Made by the famous Italian bike wizards, Aprilia, the RS 457 is not just any bike – it’s a mix of cool design, power, and smart tech. First shown off at the Indian MotoGP, now it’s in the showrooms, proudly made entirely in India at Aprilia’s Baramati place.

This bike is all set to take on other popular bikes like the KTM RC390 and the Kawasaki Ninja 400. Bookings start on December 15, and the RS 457 promises to be a fantastic blend of Italian style and power, making your rides in India way more exciting.

Image Credit Aprilia

The Look That Turns Heads

Cool clip-on handlebars, a short visor, and dual LED headlamps. This is the RS 457 flaunting its fashion sense, influenced by its larger sibling, the RS 660. It’s a statement rather than just a bike. Everywhere it travels, this machine turns heads with its striking design and clean lines.

Power-packed Performance

Now, let’s get under the hood. The RS 457 packs a punch with its 457cc, liquid-cooled engine. It’s got a unique 270-degree firing thing going on, making it not just powerful but giving it a distinctive growl. With 48 horsepower and a 6-speed gearbox with a clutch that’s got your back, this bike means business on the road.

Hi-Tech Vibes

The RS 457 isn’t just about power; it’s got brains too. Imagine a 5-inch TFT dash and backlit switchgear – that’s tech talk for a cool digital display. Bluetooth is in the mix for easy connectivity. Plus, there are three riding modes – Eco, Rain, and Sport – so you can ride your way. And safety? They’ve got a 3-stage traction control system and ABS to keep you riding smooth and safe.

Smooth Handling

Now, let’s talk about how it feels to ride this beast. The Aprilia RS 457 has a frame that’s like the big shot RS 660. It’s got a front fork and a rear mono shock that you can tweak to fit your style. And guess what? It’s the first bike rolling out with TVS Eurogrip Protorq Extreme tires – making sure you stick to the road like glue.

Aprilia RS 457 Price in India

With an ex-showroom price of Rs 4.10 lakh in Maharashtra, the RS 457 is reasonably priced. It is slightly more expensive than the KTM RC 390 but more affordable than the Kawasaki Ninja 400. This might be your best option if you want a powerful ride with a touch of Italian flair without breaking the bank.

Ready, Set, Ride!

Bookings open on December 15, and the real action begins in March 2024 when deliveries kick-off. Test rides? Yep, those start from January 2024 at some select dealerships. So, if you’re itching to feel the wind in your hair on an Aprilia, get ready – the RS 457 is hitting the Indian roads, and it’s ready to roll!


The Aprilia RS 457 is like a fun ride made just for us in India. You can start booking it from December 15 by paying a little bit of money (Rs 10,000). They’ll start delivering it to you in March 2024, but if you can’t wait, you can try it out in January 2024. Get ready to have a blast on the road with the Aprilia RS 457 – the super fun bike for you!

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